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Tromine GT - free drum vst plugin

Tromine GT - drum vsti

"Tromine GT is a Roland TR-808 style drum synthesizer.
All instruments are made with analog synthesis."

Tromine GT Features:

16 sounds:

Bass drum: Tune, Sweep, Tone, Decay, Pan, Level.
Snare drum: Tune, Tone, Decay, Snare, Pan, Level.
Low tom / Low conga, Mid tom / Mid conga, High tom / High conga: Tune, Tone, Noise, Decay, Pan, Level.
Closed hihat, Open hihat: Tune, Decay, Pan, Level.
Crash cymbal, Hand clap: Tune, Tone, Decay, Pan, Level.
Rimshot: Tune, Pan, Level.
Claves, Maracas, Cowbell: Tune, Decay, Pan, Level.
9 outputs.
MIDI CC support.
Automation support.