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free kick vst plugins

Kickdrum - kick drum vsti

A neat sample based kick drum player with multimode filter, 1xADSR and more. created by Thomas Weber of

Dsk mini drumz - drum vsti

DSK mini DRUMZ Vintage drum machines rompler. mini DrumZ features the sounds of 20 drum machines, including 808, 809 and many more!...

Dsk mini drumz 2 - Vintage drum

Vintage drum machines rompler, version 2 features: All sounds fixed and levels corrected, All sounds mapped in GM Midi standard...

Easy-kick 01 - Kick-Drum vst

Kick-Drum with 10 Bassdrum-samples features: Tunning, Bitcrusher, 4 Filters, Overdrive, A-D- Envelope, Rever...